Summer 2016 Capsule

Team Cozy Releases Summer 2016 Capsule with Visuals by Ta-Ku & Bludshot and #SongsToGetCozyTo Volume 003 by The Whooligan 

Global creative community Team Cozy continues to inspire its massive online following with its latest capsule for summer 2016. Now available through Teamcozy.Com, the seasonal refresh includes new cozy essentials such as the “See Tings Do Tings” tees and the Cozy Box caps, pins and shirts. Key styles from the line are highlighted in the newest lookbook photographed by Team Cozy founders Ta-Ku and Bludshot. To celebrate the launch of the summer 2016 delivery, The Whooligan takes the Team Cozy Soundcloud for #SongsToGetCozyTo Volume 003. Stream The Whooligan’s new mix set on and shop the new Team Cozy gear on  


Cozy Caps & Pins

Cozy community listen up: we’re dropping new caps and pins at our online shop. Dad caps are the ultimate cozy accessory right now so we created a simple colorway featuring our signature logo to make it #cozyapproved. Pins are a simple way to add your own personal touch to your gear, so now you can wear the TC mark anyway you would like to. Logo pins and dad caps retail for $10 and $34, respectively, making them very coppable and always cozy.


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Team Cozy partners with DSPTCH to release a limited edition run of collaborative camera straps. Offered in four camo colorways, the Team Cozy x DSPTCH Camera Sling Straps are adjustable up to a 48” length in a lightweight-yet-durable build. Founded in 2010 and based out of San Francisco, DSPTCH (pronounced as “dispatch”) provides functional and minimalistic accessories for everyday users. While drawing inspiration from the tactical and military fields, the originating concept was built on applying the same meticulous design and functionality standards used for soldiers to consumer accessories and everyday items. This attention to authenticity, detail and quality has made DSPTCH an ideal collaborator for Team Cozy. In celebration of this release, Team Cozy launches its own mix series, #COZYTAPES, with TA-KU. The world-renowned musician, photographer, producer and #TeamCozy leader kicks off the first of many mixes with a chill 30-minute set. Shop the Team Cozy x DSPTCH collaboration on and listen to #COZYTAPES Volume 1 by TA-KU on


Team Cozy releases the latest #SongsToGetCozyTo mix in honor of its forthcoming collaboration with the Pow! Wow! School of Music. Mixed by EKALI, #SongsToGetCozyTo 002 features smooth beats and relaxed melodies over a 27-minute set. You can stream the track now through Team Cozy’s official SoundCloud account at

Founded by DJ/producer Ta-Ku and photographer Silas Lee, Team Cozy partners with the Pow! Wow! School of Music to launch a limited edition two-piece capsule at PWSoM’s Orange County program in Santa Ana, California from May 16 to 21. In the following weeks, the Team Cozy x PWSoM collaboration will also be available through with all proceeds supporting music education.


Indonesia – The Jungle

We had a very special short trip to Jakarta in May, where we visited our close friends at Maris Store. Maris spearheads and educates much of Indonesia’s youth on streetwear and sneaker culture. The homies from Maris had a few days where they took us south of Jakarta to Bandung, and then further deep into jungle, mountain and volcano territory.


The scenery was immense and here we have a little gallery of what it was like out there.






We asked our cozy team member Michael Salisbury to share some of his favourite shots of Chicago and its intricate architecture.

“Architecture is in my blood. My fathers career in architecture has heavily influenced me over the years, giving me a huge appreciation for architecture and design. I like to express that appreciation through photography, documenting the many facets of Chicago. Usually most of my photos have a real moody feel to them, I think it draws more emotion out of a scene making it more visually appealing.” 


#ShootersGuide -

#ShootersGuide – Cozy & Undetected.

Hey fam, Ta-ku here. Alot of people ask me how i manage to take photos of unsuspecting people when I travel. I dont tend to really think about it too much and just go out and shoot. However during my recent trip to Tokyo – i managed to articulate a few major keys or situations that help me take those candid photos of individuals who least expect it.
Ps. I also have tips on how to SnapChat like a ninja – but I’ll save that for another time.

1. Take the shot when they are deep in sleep – I really hope no-one shoots me while I sleep due to the fact of me looking like a baby hippo when I do.


2. Use reflections. Pointing the camera slightly in a different direction to get the same if not better shot is always a cozy way to get THAT heater..


3. Find the closest nerd/book worm and they will be too engrossed in what they are reading that you can shoot them till the cows come home. Just kidding about calling them nerds – i love a good read, mate.


4. Food always aids us with that perfect portrait. Not only are they oblivious to my  big head and the camera im pointing towards them. They also pull faces that one wouldn’t normally pull when eating a hot bowl of ramen. 


5. The daily grind keeps people consumed with the day to day. These make for great moments that tell many stories. A conversation with a friend face to face OR via text message.

6. This shot was taken while I was faking conversation with people I travelling with and shooting blindly with the camera near my waist. Get to know your camera and you will be able to shoot in general directions and hopefully capture that one shot you need.